May 4th, 2021

NDP calls for plan to address hospital capacity crisis

Story emerges of cancer patient losing life after facing surgery delays

QUEEN’S PARK — Following a CityNews report of a cancer patient losing their life after facing surgery delays, Jeff Burch, NDP MPP for Niagara Centre, is again calling on the Ford government to put forward a plan to address to growing hospital capacity crisis in the province.

“The Ford government’s failure to prepare for the third wave has left our hospitals on the verge of collapse,” said Burch. “This means that while ICUs and beds are overflowing, thousands of essential medical procedures have to be put off.

“Tragically, we’re now hearing a story of a cancer patient who has lost their life after facing surgery delays.”

The surgery backlog in Ontario is now more than 250,000 procedures and counting, and close to a million cancer screenings haven’t happened. In the 2021 budget, the Ford government allocated less than half the funding needed to clear it.

“The Ford government’s failure to provide hospitals with the support they need is only going to make stories of patients dying after waiting for life-saving surgeries more common,” said Burch. “The government shouldn’t pat itself on the back for avoiding the worst-case triage scenario — the rationing of care is already having a devastating impact. Ontario needs a plan to address the hospital capacity crisis, and we need to invest the money to implement it now and save lives.”